Vinyl and Mesh Banners

13oz Matte Vinyl or 8oz Mesh Banner Printing

Ramona Printing & Graphics can create your next banner using 13oz matte vinyl or 8oz mesh material. We can do banners in any size you wish and all of our banners come with options such as hem and grommets. We also offer banner design. 

Our standard price for banners is $5.00 per square foot. We offer discounts for large quantity and recreational sports teams. 

Standard Vinyl vs. Mesh Banners

What's the difference between standard vinyl and mesh banner material?

So what;s the difference between our standard 13oz vinyl banner material and the 8oz mesh material? First off is the weight of the material, 13oz standard or 8oz mesh. obviously the 8oz mesh is going to be lighter than the 13oz vinyl. The BIG difference however is the type of material. The 8oz mesh banner material is great for fencing with a lot of wind. The perforations in the material make it great for wind to pass through. The 13oz vinyl is very durable and solid. If you hang these in areas with a lot of wind, it would be wise to have perforations cut into it to allow wind to pass through.

Our friends with the touring band WARPATH love the 8oz mesh banners because they put them on stage in front of their speaks to hide everything behind them. Plus, the mesh banners allow the sound from their speakers to come through without any problem or muffling.