Approve or Reject Print Proofs

One of the great things about Ramona Printing & Graphics is the ease of use of our “Approving or Rejecting” proofs. Our system makes it extremely easy to approve an image for print, or reject it and add notes on what you would like us to change.

Here’s how it works…

Once we design your images (or you send them in to us for printing), you will receive an email with your print proof. Once you see your proof, you can easily accept it with the click of a button. If you want to reject it and make some changes, simply click on reject and input notes on what you would like to change.

Once you accept the proof, it immediately goes into production. If you reject it and want changes made, we will make the necessary changes and send you another proof. Plus, you will be able to see your rejected proofs as well so you can decide on which proof you like better.

This is a fool proof system to insure that what we print for you is true and correct according to the customers needs and wants.

Give us a call or email to let Ramona Printing & Graphics get started on your printing needs.